Jamie Mansfield

Hobbyist software engineer, working with Java and Go.

About Me

I'm a hobbyist developer writing Java and Go software, with a particular interest in transforming Java binaries and codebases.

I'm the author behind many of the Cadix libraries (Bombe, Lorenz, Atlas, and more), which are in use throughout the Minecraft modding community:

I also contribute to some popular software on occasion, here are some highlights:

Previously I have also worked on many other projects, here are some highlights:

  • I was a key contributor to the Sponge Project's new website, working to get a visually pleasing, functional, and inline with Sponge's identity across its web properties. I was later invited to join their team as a web developer.
  • I was previously the maintainer of Waterfall, a performance fork of the Bungeecord server proxy.
  • I was a contributor to the Minecraft Dev for IntelliJ project, contributing support for the Canary platform and later Waterfall.

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